Raise the Bar Performance was established in 2020 by Allison Elias and Marion Kish. We are a class based strength training facility offering adult, teen, and youth classes ranging from ages 3 and up. All of the programming for our classes can be modified to appropriately meet all experience levels. At RTB you will find a positive, fun, upbeat, and motivating community to help you reach your health & fitness goals. 

Meet Our Team

Marion Kish

Hi All! My name is Marion and I grew up and reside in Wallingford, Connecticut. 

All my life I have been extremely active, a three sport athlete in high school and played volleyball in college. I grew a passion for coaching at the age of twelve, that still resides with me today. Today, I am Lyman Hall High Schools Varsity volleyball coach and JV softball coach, Wallingford P&R youth volleyball coach, head volleyball and softball coach at SPIRIT Sports Camp, and co-owner and director of Elevation Volleyball Academy. 

In 2015, I discovered weight training. What started as a hobby and a way to stay fit, has certainly turned into a dedicated passion. Now, co-owner if Raise the Bar Performance, I am excited to train both youth and adults to become better versions of themselves through fitness.